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Stitch Fix Modest Maternity Review

Received another Stitch Fix and this time I had a lot of requirements for the clothes they sent me. They needed to be modest (or the ability to wear a shirt underneath), comfy and something I can move around a lot in for my new job at a preschool aftercare program, and something that will grow with me a bit during this pregnancy.



If you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it is a monthly clothing and jewelry subscription. They send you 5 items every month, you pay $20 and that $20 goes toward whatever you purchase from the box. Use this referral link to get your first box free, with no obligation.

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Shades Club Unboxing – August 2018 | Plus why I would not recommend it

Super Simple White Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

If you know me, every time I search for a recipe I include the word “easy” in that search.

These are some really easy and delicious white cupcakes with chocolate frosting that I made for my birthday (ok, mostly I made them because I’m a sugar addict, I didn’t need a good reason). They can easily be made pareve or dairy. I actually made them pareve this time and they were delicious.

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Seward Park in Seattle, WA

I wasn’t going to dedicate a blog post to this because it’s such a common place in our neighborhood where everyone goes. I guess I take it a little for granted. But it is such a beautiful park, with so many options of things to do.

Ducks and their ducklings at Seward Park in the Springtime.

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Backyard Activities to Do With Your Kids This Summer

The summer got busy for whatever reasons and we ended up spending a lot of time in our own backyard. And it was perfect.

Hanging out in your own backyard is so easy and underrated. All you need is something simple like a ball to play catch, or a cheap pool to cool down in.

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Woodland Park Zoo

Thanks to the Seattle Public Library, with your library card number and pin you can get free admission to participating Seattle Museums. Luckily Woodland Park Zoo is on the list. But I would highly recommend visiting the zoo even if you had to pay for it.

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U-Pick Farms

We first started going blueberry picking when our daughter was about 18 months old. We loved it, and she loved it. She got to be outside and eat blueberries, plus we had a surplus of delicious healthy blueberries when we were done. My husband ended up picking most of those though, our daughter and I just played around and ate a few blueberries (most farms really don’t mind if kids eat while they pick). But by the next year, she was wanting to help and pick her own blueberries.

There are U-pick farms pretty much everywhere. Even growing up in Montana, a childhood memory of mine is going to pick cherries. The thing in Seattle seems to be berries.

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Shades Club Unboxing #3 – July 2018

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Our Road Trip from Seattle to Montana



This summer we were able to make a trip to visit family in Idaho, Montana, and Spokane WA. We had such a great time and it was so nice to see everyone and to get away from “the city”.


Spokane, WA

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Paint Chip Color Match Activity

This is one of those activities I meant to do like a year ago. I was going to keep some in my purse so our daughter could play with it if I needed to occupy her for a bit (like at the doctor or at the store). And then I totally forgot about it. I pulled all the stuff out the other day to help pass time (it was a fast day) and we’ll see if she ever actually uses this as a toy.

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