I wasn’t going to dedicate a blog post to this because it’s such a common place in our neighborhood where everyone goes. I guess I take it a little for granted. But it is such a beautiful park, with so many options of things to do.

Ducks and their ducklings at Seward Park in the Springtime.

There is a playground with a section for younger toddlers, and one for older kids.


Near the playground, in the Audubon Center, they offer activities for kids and adults. Check out http://sewardpark.audubon.org/ for more info.

It has a walking path (“the loop”) which is about 2.4 miles long and goes along the shore of Lake Washington. There are also many off the path hiking paths, that offer beautiful scenery.



Seward Park Trail Map


The upper loop is driveable and there are a few places with grills, picnic tables, and a large swing set.

And in the summer, the beach is cleaned up and opened for swimming. This summer the beach was lifeguarded June 23 – September 3rd, 11am-7pm Saturday & Sunday and 12pm-7pm Monday through Friday. I’m not sure if these hours change each summer so check out http://www.seattle.gov/parks/find/swimming-beaches#sewardparkbeach for exact dates and times.


There is a very shallow section that is roped off, then a deeper section with a floating dock for jumping off of. During the summer there are also lifeguards who keep a close watch on all the kids. It’s great and has never been too busy all the times that we’ve gone.