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Stitch Fix | Pregnant and Modest

Just received another Stitch Fix and this time the requirements I had for the clothes they sent me included: They needed to be modest (or the ability to wear a shirt underneath), comfy, and something that will grow with me a bit during this pregnancy.

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Stitch Fix Modest Maternity Review

Received another Stitch Fix and this time I had a lot of requirements for the clothes they sent me. They needed to be modest (or the ability to wear a shirt underneath), comfy and something I can move around a lot in for my new job at a preschool aftercare program, and something that will grow with me a bit during this pregnancy.



If you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it is a monthly clothing and jewelry subscription. They send you 5 items every month, you pay $20 and that $20 goes toward whatever you purchase from the box. Use this referral link to get your first box free, with no obligation.

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Shades Club Unboxing #3 – July 2018

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Shades Club Unboxing #2 – June 2018

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Rebel in a Headscarf

If you’d like to read more about why other women cover their hair, please see my friend Sefira’s project:

In traditional Judaism, women typically cover their hair once they are married. This is often attributed to the Sotah ritual described in Numbers (5:18). There are many sources on this online, which go into a lot more depth. In this post, I am just going to talk about my own personal reason, beyond the common tradition, for covering my hair.


When I first started to cover my hair, it was kind of fun. It was different and instantly I noticed a change in how people interacted with me. Suddenly I felt that people were looking at me like I was more than just appearances. I noticed that my conversations with men weren’t as friendly and seemingly flirtatious as they had sometimes seemed before.


Then as time went on, I got bored and started to panic a little. I LOVE my hair. It’s one of my best features. Every single morning I would get up, get ready for work, put my makeup on, and think, “wow I look great”. Then it would always hit me that I cover my hair. And I would get a little depressed and the rebel in me would think, what if I just didn’t cover it today?! (At this time, and even now, I could not afford a good wig (called a sheitel in Judaism) and I figured that scarfs are comfier anyway).

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Shades Club Unboxing – May 2018 Monthly Subscription Box

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Minimal Hem Lengths

Being a tall woman can have its advantages, like being able to reach high objects and being ok with wearing flats instead of heels. But it also has its disadvantages like when it comes trying to buy clothes that fit, especially when shopping online.

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Stitch Fix Update. Is it really that great?

Since my first Stitch Fix, I’ve received probably about 4 more. For my latest one, I posted a short youtube video of the unboxing. And after I tried everything on though, I realized I only really loved one of the items. Since this Fix had been waived the $20 styling fee, I decided to just return it all because I really wasn’t that happy with it.

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Stitch Fix Unboxing


So I got my own personal stylist via Stitch Fix and it’s made shopping for clothes SO EASY! I think you’ll love it, too.

Please use my link to get started and *they’ll waive your first $20 styling fee*:

All you do is take a fun quiz to share your size, taste & budget and then a Stylist will send 5 personalized pieces for you to try on at home. Buy what you love, send back the rest. Shipping & returns are free!


Stitch Fix – The Best Way to Shop as a Mom and Orthodox Jew

So I went for it and got myself a “fix” for my birthday this week.

Opened Stitch Fix Box


Style cards included to help coordinate your outfits:

Laila Jayde Quinne Hoodie Knit Top Renee C Galinda Printed Maxi Skirt Lysse Kaidence Skirt


The final verdict was: I LOVED IT!!! Seriously, I wanted to keep everything but unfortunately could only afford one thing at the time (so I kept 2, ha!). I ended up keeping the purple hoodie because it was so comfortable and cute. Then I posted about it in a Facebook group and everyone confirmed my thoughts about the long skirt. I couldn’t decide which to keep, so I kept both.


Stitch Fix Selfie 1Stitch Fix Selfie 2


I was so happy with Stitch Fix because they listened to my preferences which included how I am an Orthodox Jew and I cover certain body parts and do not wear pants.  Do you know how frustrating it is to go shopping and to spend HOURS searching for something that is modest and your style? Sometimes to not even find anything.


The best part is, you can order your fix whenever you’d like. This isn’t a subscription you have to commit to. Just choose: On demand: I’ll schedule each Fix when checking out.


Please note that if you buy all 5 items a 25% discount is applied. Once you get your items and decide what you want to keep, double check the price with the items you want and with all five items, sometimes it is actually cheaper to keep all 5 items.


To return any items, offers free pickup with your regular mail delivery. See this link for more info.


Want to try it out?

Get your first $20 styling fee waived for 30 days when you sign up using this link.


Here are my tips, if you are an Orthodox Jew and want to try Stitch Fix:

  • The “What types of jeans do you prefer?” question on your style profile… don’t answer it.
  • “What do you like to flaunt? What would you rather downplay?”
    • I answered “less is more, keep it covered” and “I’d prefer a more relaxed fit” for all of these questions.
  • Make sure you have a Pinterest Board of styles that you love for your stylist to look at.
  • Here’s what I put under “Final Thoughts”:
    • I’m an Orthodox Jew so I only wear skirts and my clothing covers my knees (skirt must cover knees when sitting), elbows, and collarbone. Often I will just wear a long sleeve shirt underneath other shirts. I usually wear closed-toe shoes.
  • When I ordered the fix I also made a note to see what I had written on my style profile under Final Thoughts.


See more of my Stitch Fix finds on Pinterest.

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