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Netflix Hack for Family Movie Night

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. Family movie night has once again become a weekly thing in our house. Typically on Sundays when motivation is low.   If you’re like me, you will end up spending too much time on Netflix just looking for a perfect movie for family night. There is so much content on Netflix but the algorithm shows you what it thinks you want to watch. Which can occasionally make it difficult to navigate. Well, there’s a hack that will save you lots of time and help you find the right movie that the whole family can enjoy. Continue reading

Backyard Activities to Do With Your Kids This Summer

The summer got busy for whatever reasons and we ended up spending a lot of time in our own backyard. And it was perfect.

Hanging out in your own backyard is so easy and underrated. All you need is something simple like a ball to play catch, or a cheap pool to cool down in.

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Woodland Park Zoo

Thanks to the Seattle Public Library, with your library card number and pin you can get free admission to participating Seattle Museums. Luckily Woodland Park Zoo is on the list. But I would highly recommend visiting the zoo even if you had to pay for it.

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U-Pick Farms

We first started going blueberry picking when our daughter was about 18 months old. We loved it, and she loved it. She got to be outside and eat blueberries, plus we had a surplus of delicious healthy blueberries when we were done. My husband ended up picking most of those though, our daughter and I just played around and ate a few blueberries (most farms really don’t mind if kids eat while they pick). But by the next year, she was wanting to help and pick her own blueberries.

There are U-pick farms pretty much everywhere. Even growing up in Montana, a childhood memory of mine is going to pick cherries. The thing in Seattle seems to be berries.

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Paint Chip Color Match Activity

This is one of those activities I meant to do like a year ago. I was going to keep some in my purse so our daughter could play with it if I needed to occupy her for a bit (like at the doctor or at the store). And then I totally forgot about it. I pulled all the stuff out the other day to help pass time (it was a fast day) and we’ll see if she ever actually uses this as a toy.

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Alki Beach

Alki Beach is very beautiful, with sand so soft you could easily walk barefoot along the whole beach. There is a great view of the Seattle skyline from the beach. It’s where the original settlement of Seattle was until they moved to where downtown currently is. Apparently, Alki beach was made famous from a scene in Sleepless in Seattle. I guess it’s a movie I need to rewatch.

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Spray Parks and Wading Pools

Jefferson Park

Wow, you guys. This is probably the best thing to do with kids in the summer in Seattle.

Seattle has so many spray parks and wading pools. It’s a great way to beat the heat. And they are free. Check out their website for times and locations. There are also many in the surrounding areas which you can see via their parks websites.

Probably my favorite is Angle Lake Park, which is actually located in the SeaTac community. It has lots of picnic shelters, shade, and a huge spray park. The only downside can be finding a parking spot when it’s busy. Then again, this can be the same issue for many of the other spray parks. If you go early though, like a little before the spray park opens, it never seems to be an issue. Luckily, the light rail does come close, just within a 10-minute walk if you don’t want to deal with parking.

Angle Lake Park

A few simple suggestions of things to bring:

Summer Activities for Kids in Seattle

There are a lot of awesome summer camps in Seattle but since I spent the budget for that on our dishwasher, I thought it would be fun to use the summer to get out and explore Seattle with our daughter.


I have a few ideas of what to do and where to go but I’m also looking for more ideas. Preferably things that are free or cheap. Please comment below or contact me if you have suggestions of posts you’d like to see.


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2 Ingredient Moon Sand Indoor Activity for Children

Recently we’ve been reading Mooncake. It’s actually a book that my mom gave me from when I was a child. So I thought it would be fun to make moon sand for my daughter.

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