This May Be the Best Kitchen Appliance Ever

Recently our washer and dryer both broke down at the same time. So while my husband was at the store buying the new washer and dryer, he found out that the dishwasher I’ve been talking about for a long time was on sale. Turns out that the store also offered 12 months no interest payment plans and the total monthly price is the amount I’ve been saving monthly to buy this dishwasher anyway. So we bought it. And it was totally worth it.

DCS Fisher and Paykel 24" Double Dishdrawer

DCS Fisher and Paykel 24″ Double Dishdrawer Model DD24DV2T7

Let’s be honest, the reason that I wanted such a dishwasher was so I could have separate drawers for meat and dairy dishes. I hadn’t even known such a thing existed until I saw one at a friend’s house. Basically, the two drawers work as completely separate dishwashers, the food particles and water from each dishwasher do not ever touch. I don’t think there are many brands that offer two drawers, but always make sure to do some research and verify that they are really, in fact, two separate components.


There are some that can be used simultaneously. And there are also some that can be only one drawer, which works great if that’s the kind of space you have or if you want to put them in separate locations in your kitchen. Also, if you have a large family, perhaps you already have 2 normal size dishwashers for meat and dairy, and one of these drawers could function as a third for pareve.


DCS Fisher and Paykel 24" Double Dishdrawer, Top Drawer

Top Drawer

But if you don’t keep a kosher kitchen, this can still be a great dishwasher option for you if you are a small family. One thing I like about it is that I can wash a smaller amount of dishes sooner because often we use the same cooking utensils. So instead of waiting to fill a large dishwasher full, I can just get it done in time to cook for dinner again. You could also fill both drawers and wash one with a quick wash and the other with a heavy duty wash.


This dishwasher is super quiet. It uses little water and energy, and the dishes always come out clean and dry. The drawers may seem small but they still fit everything we need to be washed. Definitely happy with this purchase.

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  1. My friend has one of these and loves it! My dishwasher is definitely one of my favorite appliances 🙂

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