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8 Nights in G-d’s Light, a Message of Hope During Hanukkah

Sometimes the world seems so dark and the future so bleak.

It feels like we are so small and the rest of the world will overlook every truth and everything we do right just to say we are wrong. They will side with our enemies. No matter how much pain and suffering they cause, no matter how horrible their true essence is.

But while I was feeling pretty down about this cold and depressing truth, I realized that Hanukkah is coming up. And I wonder, what it must have been like for the Jewish people who lived during that time.

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The Best Gifts for Anyone on Your List

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8 Hanukkah Gift Ideas – For Your Eight Crazy Nights

Looking for Chanukah-specific gifts? Check out our list of awesome Chanukah Gifts. You can see all of these and more at https://www.pinterest.com/outoftownjew/chanukah/

Now let’s see how many different ways I can spell Hanukkah in one post…

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How We Celebrate Hanukkah

What we do to celebrate Chanukah in our house, plus some other random stuff. 🙂

Why You Need to Visit Israel

Back in 2016 we decided we had to make a trip to Israel. Bonus reason was that at the time we only had one child and she was under 2 (her plane ride was free!). So as soon as we received our tax return, we bought our plane tickets for December so we could experience Chanukah in Israel. We decided to stay for a month because we didn’t know when we’d be back again and we really wanted to live like locals.

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