Looking for Chanukah-specific gifts? Check out our list of awesome Chanukah Gifts. You can see all of these and more at https://www.pinterest.com/outoftownjew/chanukah/

Now let’s see how many different ways I can spell Hanukkah in one post…

Zion Judaica Hanukkah Menorah

Because really, what Hanukkah gift list would be complete without a menorah and candles?

Honeycomb Beeswax Chanukah Candles

Cards Against Humanity: Jew Pack

An extension for one of the best games out there (Cards Against Humanity). This is sure to add extra laughs to your Hanukkah nights.

Hadaya, One of a Kind

Personalized jewelry made in Israel. Lots of options on their website or you can purchase gift cards.

Novelty Socks

They’re colorful, warm, and just plain awesome. An easy and inexpensive gift for anyone.

Jerusalem: A Cookbook

Yum. This is one of those cookbooks you’ll actually get a lot of use out of.

Hanukkah Gift Sets

Complete with dreidels and gelt.

Hanukkah Nail Art Decals

Hanukkah Mad Libs


Ok, so that’s actually 10 gift ideas. 🤷‍♀️

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