Since my first Stitch Fix, I’ve received probably about 4 more. For my latest one, I posted a short youtube video of the unboxing. And after I tried everything on though, I realized I only really loved one of the items. Since this Fix had been waived the $20 styling fee, I decided to just return it all because I really wasn’t that happy with it.

But when I went to package everything up to return, I noticed that it had never come with a return pre-paid envelope, like they usually do.


After contacting Stitch Fix, they apologized and emailed me a return pre-paid address label that I could just print out and tape to the box it had come in. They also gave me another $20 credit to use for a future fix.


So I guess my point is, although I was not so happy with this one shipment, I’ve found that Stitch Fix customer service is always great, friendly, and fast. They’ve always solved whatever problem I’ve had right away without an argument. And usually, go above and beyond the solution that I am looking for.


I’ve also learned, in the future, to be really specific with what I am looking for. For instance, this shipment had a necklace in it. I was only looking for clothing, not jewelry, so next time I will make sure to say so when I order the fix.


I hope my tips are helping you guys to get great Stitch Fixes. If you have not tried it out yet, please use my referral code to try it risk-free:


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