Made in Montana Shalach Manos

This year I wanted to do a “made in Montana” theme. But as usual, I procrastinated until the last minute. And with trying to get our house ready to sell, everything is in chaos and disorder. But I am happy with what we came together with!

Luckily I was able to get a couple of things together (mostly due to the amazing companies I ordered from and also the help of the Bozeman Chabad).

Hamantashen is dairy and was made here in Seattle by Francine’s Desserts.

Montana beer from Total Wine.

The silver bags with chocolates and spice samples were made by Camino Spice. I verified with the certifying kashrus agency and the samples are all kosher, but I will also attach the kashrus letter.

*Orange wrapped chocolate is spicy!

And last but definitely not least: Bequet Caramels!


Honestly, this post originally started out all about Seattle and just how beautiful the city is. The blooming flora year-round. The lush green landscapes. And the mild climate. It’s undoubtedly pretty amazing.

But I deleted all of that and started over because the thing is, what’s really most beautiful about Seattle is all the people we’ve come to know while here.

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I Tried Amazon’s House Cleaning Services

I’m the type of person who never asks for help. I don’t know why, perhaps I was raised to be independent, or maybe I’m just happy doing things the way I do them. Lately though cleaning our house has been a completely nerve-wracking experience. With a 5-month-old and a 4-year-old at home with me, basically 24/7, I feel like every chance I get to clean is glorious but then I turn around and there’s a mess 3x bigger than the mess I just cleaned up. Sometimes I picture myself embodying Einstein’s definition of insanity (“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”). But as Billy Joel says, “I may be crazy, but (I just might be the) lunatic you’re looking for”. Ok, I changed that last quote a bit. 

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Steps To Happiness I Now Know

When I was in college, like most young adults, I was struggling to find myself and to just be happy with myself and who I am. A friend gave me this piece of paper with “Steps To Happiness I Now Know”. It helped me to read it during rough times. I came across it recently and wanted to share it. My hope is that it will help someone else.


“Steps To Happiness I Now Know” 

(Author unknown)

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Best Ever Easy Cheesecake Recipe

Last week we celebrated the holiday of Shavuos. During this holiday we are celebrating G-d giving us the Torah which occurred on Shavuos at Mount Sinai over 3,300 years ago.


It is a holiday typically filled with dairy meals, and with that, obviously, comes cheesecake. So much cheesecake.

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Bozeman, Montana – The Best Place

I hear the question often come up of “where can I, as a Jew, live that is not expensive and is outside of any city”. Since it is a well-kept secret, every Montanan is going to dislike what I’m about to say, but…

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Just Write

BH, We recently welcomed another bundle of joy into our lives. She came a little over a month early, but thank G-d, she has surpassed expectations of a late preemie.



With this new addition to our family has also come the lack of sleep (although BH not nearly as bad as with our first). Also a very different busy schedule that has consisted mostly of breastfeeding and pumping.


Although I think about writing all the time, I’ve also been at a loss of coming up with ideas for writing.


But that’s the beauty of a blog, isn’t it? You can write about the exciting and the ordinary. Not every post has to be ground breaking and mind shattering. Although I suppose just by writing SOMETHING it can turn into something extraordinary.


So I’m going to challenge myself to write something every week. No matter how small or odd it may seem to me. So buckle your seatbelts kids and enjoy the ride.


Stitch Fix | Pregnant and Modest

Just received another Stitch Fix and this time the requirements I had for the clothes they sent me included: They needed to be modest (or the ability to wear a shirt underneath), comfy, and something that will grow with me a bit during this pregnancy.

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The Orthodox Jew Who Misses Xmas

Well, while I do miss the smell of a pine tree and the sight of the twinkle lights, there are other ways to get that fix. I bought a candle and I hung some twinkle lights for Hanukkah. I’m good!

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Proud to be a Jew

After the tragic event of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, we all mourned the loss of the individuals who were brutally killed solely because they were Jewish. The question of “is anti-semitism rising in America” haunted and continues to haunt us all.

I was inspired to write about why I love being a Jew, and why I am proud to be called a Jew.

My article is in the latest issue of Nashim Magazine, please go check it out and make sure to share.

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