The Orthodox Jew Who Misses Xmas

Well, while I do miss the smell of a pine tree and the sight of the twinkle lights, there are other ways to get that fix. I bought a candle and I hung some twinkle lights for Hanukkah. I’m good!

I don’t miss Xmas or any of the romantic ideas that go along with it.


What I really miss are my childhood memories of holidays at my grandma’s house. The way the house smelled in the morning after my mom had been up all night and early morning cooking and baking so much delicious food.


I miss the days when all the cousins and grandparents would get together for holiday dinners. All the “old guys” watching football, my uncles falling asleep and us messing with them. Playing outside with my cousins until our fingers were frozen (I grew up in Montana, it’s really cold there). Watching movies, playing games, and warming up inside. Watching Die Hard on Xmas. I even miss the holidays when extended family got together and the adults would drink and play poker until 2 am.


I miss those days because those are some of my favorite and best memories.


Since I didn’t grow up in a Jewish household, the lack of memories of Jewish holidays, of our little family just starting to create our own memories, and sometimes even feeling like we aren’t quite sure what we are doing, makes it so much harder.

What I do have though, is the future. To looking forward to our kids and grandkids (G-d willing) coming home for the holidays, creating our own special memories that they can hold on to well into their late years.


While I’m on the subject, if you know anyone with no or limited family to celebrate Jewish holidays with, please make sure to welcome them in and remember to invite them during your holiday celebrations. Trust me, it makes a big impact and is always very appreciated.


  1. Sefira Lightstone

    December 21, 2018 at 7:27 am

    Oh wwow! I grew up Jewish, but I relate so much to what you miss. We didn’t celebrate all the holidays, and I have to try really hard to create that special atmosphere and family tradition. Half the time I don’t even know what I’m doing!

  2. Oh gosh, wish you lived closer.

  3. Love this!

  4. Valerie Knowles

    January 1, 2019 at 5:18 pm

    I enjoyed your story..
    I do miss the smell of pine, but I have good essential oils to bring that nice smell in. I am also Jewish by choice and love it, and it can be hard sometimes too. I love Hanukkah and decorate the house and light my candles with JOY. This year I was able to be at a party every single of the 8 nights of Hanukah.
    This is huge for a single person .


  5. Yeah, I miss the tree and Santa Claus kind of. But since I worked retail this last holiday season, I also kind if hate the whole big Christmas production. Too much stress! Us Jews are only like that before Pesach!

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