I’m really excited to try this the next time that we travel. Veestro now offers kosher food options. They will deliver it to your door, wherever you are (they deliver to all contiguous 48 states). All you have to do is kasher a microwave where you are staying. No more having to schlep food around with you or stay close to kosher restaurants.

All the meals are carefully packaged in insulated boxes designed to stay frozen throughout the journey to your door. They do recommend that you put all meals in the freezer after removing from the box. Meals you plan to enjoy with 2-3 days can be kept in the refrigerator.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

delicious to your doorstep

*Please note: if ordering for kosher purposes, please check that what you are ordering has a hechsher. Not all of their food is kosher.