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The Best Toddler Travel Tips

This list is a compilation of toddler travel tips that were suggested to us by friends as well things that we picked up along the way. Though this list could be utilized for any sort of travel, we found this to be a great companion for our trip to Israel with our daughter who was almost 2 years old. I should note that most of the stuff we brought with us was bought from Goodwill or the Dollar Store, that way if it got lost we weren’t out a lot of money.

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Top 7 Travel Tips When Visiting Israel

1. To find a place to stay in Israel for a month, we used Airbnb and we checked in with a friend of ours who knows Israel well to make sure that it was in a safe location. The apartment that we found is in Rehavia, which is a very nice and very safe neighborhood, within walking distance to pretty much everything in Jerusalem. According to the host’s profile, he offers 6 holiday apartments in the same building in Rehavia. And he also lives in the same building, which was very helpful for someone like me, who managed to lock ourselves out of the apartment a few times.

Here is the link for the apartment we stayed in, if you’ve not used Airbnb before, click here first to get a $40USD discount:

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