Month: May 2019

Bozeman, Montana – The Best Place

I hear the question often come up of “where can I, as a Jew, live that is not expensive and is outside of any city”. Since it is a well-kept secret, every Montanan is going to dislike what I’m about to say, but…

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Just Write

BH, We recently welcomed another bundle of joy into our lives. She came a little over a month early, but thank G-d, she has surpassed expectations of a late preemie.



With this new addition to our family has also come the lack of sleep (although BH not nearly as bad as with our first). Also a very different busy schedule that has consisted mostly of breastfeeding and pumping.


Although I think about writing all the time, I’ve also been at a loss of coming up with ideas for writing.


But that’s the beauty of a blog, isn’t it? You can write about the exciting and the ordinary. Not every post has to be ground breaking and mind shattering. Although I suppose just by writing SOMETHING it can turn into something extraordinary.


So I’m going to challenge myself to write something every week. No matter how small or odd it may seem to me. So buckle your seatbelts kids and enjoy the ride.


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